Dover Middle School Athletic Department

Many student athletes get their start at the middle school level. While many children may have already participated in extracurricular athletics, it is at this level that we begin to incorporate the balance of education and athletics.

We believe that athletics are a great way to teach students about teamwork, healthy lifestyles and other responsibilities our students will encounter throughout their lives.

Please feel free to contact the Dover Middle School Athletic Department to learn more about enrolling your child in the sports programs we offer.

If you have any questions, please contact the Middle School Athletic Department by calling (330) 364-7121.

Middle School Sports Schedules

All scheduled events are subject to change. Please click here to check "District News" for the most up-to-date athletic events. It will be listed as "This Week in Sports!" District News is located on the upper-left corner of the home page.

To download a game schedule, please click on the sport below: